PURIFII Partners

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PURIFII Partner Program

Nationwide access to distribution network supporting the Purifii line Assistance in determining local resources for Purifii installations.

Trusted by Health & Safety Leaders

PURIFII AER W is the only LED-based, UL listed upper air UV disinfection product capable of over 99.99% pathogen reduction in 20 minutes.¹

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends the use of GUV in occupied spaces, making PURIFII AER W a safe option for keeping customers and employees safe in high-traffic areas.²

Discover how PURIFII made a difference in this locally-owned business in the heart of Pittsburgh.

Sources: [1] Independent lab test: Aerosol Upper Air System tests conducted by Innovative Bioanalysis; [2] US CDC. (2021, February 9). Ventilation in Buildings. Retrieved February 9, 2021, from US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.