PURIFII kills 99.98% of airborne viruses, pathogens, and bacteria in 10 minutes or less—faster and more effective than any HEPA filter or air purification solution on the market.

PURIFII in The Real World: Testimonials

“With PURIFII, we were able to allow 100% capacity in-service dining, increase our service capabilities to meet demand, and we no longer have to require masks for fully vaccinated patrons.”

Sarah Mendak
Owner of California Coffee Bar

“PURIFII has allowed us to increase our small group capacity so that clients feel comfortable and safe while in group classes.”

Wade Anderson
Owner of Orange Shoe Personal Fitness

Backed by Science, Inspired by the Desire to Return to Daily Life

Discover the technology that makes PURIFII one of the safest and most effective GUV systems in the market.

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