Spaces: Strengthening a Fitness Studio’s Health & Safety Efforts with PURIFII™


The COVID-19 pandemic turned the gym and fitness center industry upside down. Thousands of gyms were shut down in an effort to mitigate the spread of the disease, causing many of them to go out of business. While consumers have returned to gyms thanks to vaccines some people remain hesitant about their gyms. According to an expert survey in March 2021, two-thirds of consumers remained hesitant to regularly venture out of their homes. Due to the pandemic’s long-term impacts, people are more cognizant of airborne pathogens overall.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention encouraged gyms and fitness studios to take a “layered approach” to minimize the spread of COVID-19, the Washington Post reported. Enforcing universal masking and physical distancing, increasing cleaning and disinfecting, promoting hand hygiene, and improving ventilation and air filtration were a few of the recommendations shared at the time.


The Power of Upper Air Germicidal Systems

The CDC suggests using upper-room ultraviolet germicidal irradiation systems as part of the layered approach. Installing these systems can strengthen consumers’ confidence and peace of mind when they evaluate gyms and fitness studio memberships.

Wade Anderson, owner of Orange Shoe Personal Fitness, heeded the CDC’s recommendations when he reopened his studios this spring. Anderson quickly recognized the importance of a layered approach to keep his customers and employees safe and healthy, prompting him to install PURIFII™ AER W by Luminii in his Chicago studio.

Read our interview with Anderson to learn how he worked with Luminii to install the PURIFII AER W upper air germicidal system across his spaces. The system is 100% safe to use in highly occupied spaces, enabling gyms and fitness studios like Orange Shoe Personal Fitness to get back to business fast.

What are some features you enjoy most about PURIFII and why?

The minimalist aesthetic look of PURIFII is very clean and streamlines our space. I also like the fact that it doesn’t add any noise to our fitness studio! No maintenance is required. All you have to do is turn on the light switch, and it starts working. Our clients can breathe easily with clean, disinfected air 24/7.

How has PURIFII supported your reopening efforts amid the pandemic?

PURIFII has added an extra layer of protection against Covid-19. PURIFII has allowed us to increase our small group capacity so that the clients feel comfortable and safe while in group classes. Our individual personal training clients have also commented on the increased health and safety measures that have been taken to ensure a safe training environment.

PURIFII has given us an extra layer of protection against harmful viruses, not just COVID. Our staff and customers comment regularly on the upgraded health and safety standards in the gym. People are no longer afraid to show up in person for their favorite exercise routine. No matter what happens, we are confident that PURIFII will continue to make the space safer and easier to enjoy.

How has PURIFII impacted your existing cleaning and disinfection measures?

Our cleaning procedures and disinfection measures have remained the same, though our clients and staff know that the air and overall space are even cleaner. PURIFII helps disinfect our fitness spaces 24/7.

What have customers and staff said about the PURIFII system? 

My staff has commented that the studio seems cleaner since it’s been installed, but clients cannot even tell it’s there. The PURIFII system has such a clean, minimalistic look, so they don’t ask much about it unless we point it out. We explain to them that PURIFII kills 99.9% of the SARS and COVID-19 viruses via UV light that cannot be seen, so you don’t even know it’s on. Our clients have thanked us for taking this extra step of precaution.

How does installing PURIFII support the Orange Shoe Personal Fitness brand and mission?

PURIFII has enhanced our space and safety precautions to keep our clients safe and healthy while training at Orange Shoe Personal Fitness. Our clients’ safety has always been our top priority, so this product has really shown our dedication to their health and safety while training at Orange Shoe Personal Fitness.

What would you say to a business owner who is considering investing in PURIFII?

I would highly recommend PURIFII. Beyond the important human health considerations, the product fundamentally helps your bottom line. If employees and clients are sick, they don’t contribute to your business. PURIFII isn’t just an extra layer of protection for your staff and clients, it’s an extra layer of protection for your revenue. In an industry like mine, PURIFII is a great selling point when clients come in for their first visit. They know they’re walking into a business that puts a priority on health, safety, and cleanliness. For a gym focused on making people’s lives healthier, there is no reason to look anywhere else.