Something to Smile About: Purifii in Action in a Dental Practice


Dr. Darryl Stich established his dental practice in Brookfield, Wisconsin in 2004. A native to the area, Dr. Stich grew up in Brookfield and followed in his father’s footsteps enrolling at Marquette University School of Dentistry. He served as an officer in the United States Navy, and following a tour in Iraq he returned to Brookfield to continue his career in dentistry. Dr. Stich joined Dr. Glen Theis in establishing a reputation of patient-focused dentistry committed to the highest quality care available.

We spoke with Dr. Stich, his wife and office manager Chris, and associate Dr. Emily Schuster about ways they are keeping the practice open and safe during one of the hardest times experienced by small businesses in recent history. As the pandemic continues to wreak havoc across the globe and in particular the US, small businesses like Brookfield Dentistry have frantically sought solutions to continue to maintain a healthy business while also considering with great urgency the health and safety of patrons and staff.

With the power of Purifii by Luminii, the practice now has not only reassured patients with a highly effective solution for inactivating airborne pathogens including COVID-19 and influenza particles, but has also elevated the perception of the practice overall as a leader in providing the most current technologies available to deliver a healthy environment for every patient.

Q: When did you start thinking about adding air purification to your cleaning protocols?

A: In 2019, we moved our practice from a small converted ranch home to a large office building. With a business partner, we renovated the older building and created a new office space for Brookfield Dentistry. In speaking with a friend from church, we realized we had a wonderful opportunity to bring in surgically clean air units to make sure that our new space was as healthy as possible. We invested in several air purification units throughout the new space. It was important to us to extend our standard sterilization practices even further to begin protecting our employees and patients with air quality. When the pandemic hit, we were happy to have been ahead of the curve with those units. 

Q: What did you know about UVGI solutions prior to installing Luminii’s Purifii upper air system to your office space?

A: Almost nothing! We already had the surgically clean air units, however when the opportunity arose for this extra level of air purification we knew we had to jump on it. Our employees’ health and the health of our patients is at the forefront of everything we do, and adding another layer of safety is going to ultimately help our business stay open by preventing infection in the workplace. As we researched CDC, ADA and WDA recommendations, they spoke about UVGI as supplemental treatment to inactivate viruses. We found that very intriguing. We did our homework and found that the Purifii upper air UV-C system was exactly the safety supplement we were looking for. Our employees know that we care for them, and this extra layer of protection is one more way for us to show them they are valued.

Q: What are some features you enjoy most about Purifii and why?

A: The size of the system is surprisingly small for what it does, and it is completely silent! We are proud of the work we put into our new office buildout, and the sleek units fit beautifully into the space without altering the esthetic we so carefully crafted. They are unobtrusive but just visual enough to generate conversation. Our patients ask about them, and we are happy to reveal what they are and discuss the various ways that we are working to keep patients and staff healthy in our office. From an operations perspective, the fact that the units are little to no maintenance is an amazing benefit.  

Q: How has Purifii supported your practice’s efforts amid national health concerns?

A: It’s been a game changer for us. The Purifii units are a high tech answer that supplement the more traditional air purifiers we placed when we moved. Together, these measures are helping further build the trust that our patients and staff have in us. They expect more from us, and that heightened level of care is what they get when they come to our office. Our team comes to work with gratitude and confidence in their safety, and they extend that positive energy to our patients. We specifically placed a unit in the breakroom, where other air purification measures weren’t possible, and our employees are very grateful for the extra layer of protection there. We are always striving to improve our practice on all levels, and Purifii is a huge step in supporting that effort.

Q: How do patients react when they see the Purifii systems in your office? 

A: Our patients have a good level of curiosity about the air purification systems in our waiting room, treatment rooms and breakroom. We are always happy to explain what they are seeing, and they are unanimously impressed! The eyebrows usually go up a bit, and they are always impressed and grateful for the extra level of care and concern. We like showing them the unit is working by holding up a piece of white paper to show the light. This simple demonstration has a huge impact. Purifii is so easy to explain, and they get the benefit immediately. 

Q: How should we think about teaching others about the quality of indoor air?

A: I’d say now, more than ever, business owners simply can’t afford to ignore the air quality of their offices. We need healthy employees to maintain productive work flow. We need healthy patients to maintain a productive workday. In a time when illness could utterly destroy our practice in the short and long term, our practice instead has maintained optimal patient and staff health. Employee sick days are now very rare, and any small business owner can attest to how much illness can affect the bottom line. And we need the trust and respect of employees and patients to keep our office a safe place to be psychologically and physically. Offering a layered approach to our various efforts at keeping our space healthy is one of the things we are most proud of, and we can thank Purifii for that. It’s a simple, effective, and easy solution for which we are incredibly grateful.

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